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    Hello from wales uk,

    hello from wales just purchased a yamaha gp1300r 2004 since about a month which had previously a full engine re build from a yamaha dealer last year at a cost of £2000 and only done 20hours since, and now has developed a misfire in cylinder no3 but only on idle, runs ffine on higher revs, compression is ok on all cilinders allso i have spoken to the dealership and they recon it might be crank seal

    any help would be grately apriciated

    thanks Wil

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    I had a similar problem about 6 weeks ago, it turned out to be a plug lead off.

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    aa thanks i will try this and report back on weekend

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    hi found the cause of the problem to be a blown crank case seal on pump end and generator end, allso oil pump drive snaped, partial seeze on cyl no 3 and piston damage so all in all complete re build for me and premix mod

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