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    Unhappy frustrated dripping carbs at appx 1300 rpm or so

    did a top end on a customers 2001 gp800r . i always rebuild the carbs .put in mikuni kits along with the same new gold springs and 1.5 needle and seats.pop off was around 50 lbs with i have a drip at roughly idle rpm in both carbs.and a crappy idle then dies.even when set at 2000 rpm in the water which is 4000 on the lift runs greatbesides that.what could i be over looking?thanks wes

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    Send oxide bill a message he is the resident carb gos

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    Quote Originally Posted by cuda167 View Post
    Send oxide bill a message he is the resident carb gos

    He certainly knows more than I do about carbs.

    I would suggest to you though that your needle and seats have a tendency to leak through as they wear out, and the higher the pressure, the sooner they wear out. A 50 PSIG is a high pop off pressure. The old gp's (97-99) have high pop off pressures as well and are notorious for having rough idles due to leaking needle and seats.

    Kind of wondering if there is another combination of needle and seat with a different spring (and jets)that could give you the results without all of the grief. Now that would be something that you might be able to discuss with him.

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