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    Black Tip mats install ...

    My factory sea-doo mats were slippery, bubbling up, and needed an upgrade asap...

    I gave the factory ones a little muscle and they tore up by hand..the rivets came up with the mats, and the ones that didn't I pulled out after the heads broke off with the mats...removal took about 10 min...

    Then I washed areas with dawn soap and water, dried off, sanded the rivet hole areas, rinsed excess dust, dried, and applied a nice coat of Marine Tex filler...waited for it to harden up and then sanded it smooth...

    As I waited for it to fully dry...(a good 2 hours)....I installed some new ODI Rogue lock on grips and a fresh new start/stop button ... (everything came from Watercraft Superstore)

    As I installed the new Black Tips I added a finger tip full of some nice weatherproof indoor/outdoor silicon adhesive caulk to each rivet area and layed the mats down on top...

    Much much better riding with these opposed to the factory mats...just wanted to share my method and results...

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    I know this is an old thread but thanks for the step by step. I'm going to replace my mats this winter. I like the black tip logo better(much smaller) then the massive hydro turf logo. One question if anyone reads this is some of the rivets that get pushed through and either epoxy or silicon covered(which method is suggested) will be pushed through into the factory styrofoam inside the hull. Any issue with this? Probably not something that can be removed easily. I was wondering what to do with the styrofoam because I want to replace the sponsons too and it bolts on from inside behind the styrofoam.

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