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    P-0463 code...Also in need of metal clip for the front oil switch connector

    Well I fixed the P1202 code by replacing the front oil switch. In doing so the metal clip that holds the connector in place is now lost in the bottom of the hull. Rather than spending a ton of time trying to retrieve that clip, where do I get a replacement? Can I order just that clip?

    Also everything runs great now after oil switch replacement and new headgasket but as I get to 2 bars on the fuel gauge and I slow down rapidly or lean aggressivly I get one beep, no light, nothing on the display. I hit set 5 times to get the code and got a P-0463 which is the fuel level sensor shorted. What are your guys experience with this code? What is normally the fix? Like I said it does not affect the operation or go into limp or throw a light and only seems to happen when fuel is starting to get down. I might just leave it due to lack of funds at this point....

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    Just dont let the fuel get to 2 bars if u cant fix it now .

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