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    Arrow Has anyone had their stock head milled

    Looking in to maybe doing this on my gp1200r. Not sure how far to go. Wouldn't mind Being able to run regular gas still. Right now my compresstion check reads 115 to 110 in all three. What results has every one had? Is it worth it?

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    You Should prob do a search on this, many, many people have done this to Osidebill

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paul2005GPR View Post
    You Should prob do a search on this, many, many people have done this to Osidebill
    +1 for O'side!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by crittpen View Post

    .......... What results has every one had? Is it worth it?
    Excellent and yes

    Jim's Performance
    Lowell Horning
    Group K.

    These are some of the reputable that perform head modifications. Standard compression seems to be about 145-150 psig. I would be willing to bet that all 3 recommend rejetting the carbs, and perhaps getting a taller impeller to deal with all the extra power. They all probably reshape the domes to minimize detonation. If you go this route though, be prepared to use 92-93 octane.

    If you find someone who has aftermarket heads, more than likely, they have 150 psig heads which would do the same that you are asking about. Ask to test ride their boat. This will help you decide if you want to bump compression or not.

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    140 psi is easy and does not require the squish to be redone, 150psi+ Does.

    its an excellent mod and highly reccomended but it does lead to a very long, dark expensive road called "the greenhulk syndrome"

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    hey izzo when you say 150 does require the squish to be done? exactly what has to be done? i had 15 thou skimmed of my stock head and havent run the motor yet because my skis not finished, ive spun it over on the started and it between 145 and 150 psi, i checked the squish with putty and it looked ok to the guys at work... am i missing something?

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