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    Best way to remove pump base from hull?

    I have a 2000 Virage TX, and the upper left pump bolt sheared off flush with the pump housing, and all the usual extraction methods have failed. So now, I have to remove the pump base from the hull (to try to get at the broken bolt from the other side, or perhaps just replace the pump base). I'm kind of stumped however, as to how to remove the pump base from the hull. The service manual states that I need to remove the 4 nuts inside the hull along with hoses (done) and simply "pull the pump housing straight out"! I tried fabricating a handle which I bolted to the pump base, but even with that I can't get the base to pull out. I have not yet removed the ride plate. If I remove that, will I be able to get some leverage on the pump base? Also, what is the best way to remove a ride plate? I am really worried about damaging something else. Thanks.

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    I think its attached via some really heavy duty RTV type stuff. My rideplate was real hard to remove too. I'm just leaving the pump shoe to the pros to remove for me.
    I do have a pile of brand new OEM rubber o-rings for the pump shoe. The huge ones. Let me know if you need one.

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    I have no problem removing the pump--I have serviced the pump many times. Where I need help is removing the pump base. It's the part that is attached directly to the hull, and the pump bolts on to it.

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    I use a 2x4, once the pump is out and the base mounting bolts are removed, put the 2x4 in the base and pry sideways. The last one I removed took about 30 seconds.

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    Sweet! I'll give it a try. Just to be clear however, we are talking about the pump base and not the pump itself? I've used the 2 x 4 before to break pumps loose, but never the base.

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