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    07 250 dying when letting off to idle

    My 07 250 is stalling when letting off the throttle, starts right back up and surges from 700 - 1,400 rpm and settles down, hit the gas and let off and it will die again. New plugs less than 2 hrs ago. Also noticed the auto rev feature when letting off the throttle and turning the bars is't working, not that I care about that feature, just wondering if the 2 are related. Any help would be appreciated. thanks chris.

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    it only works above 3000rpm, air intake blockage maybe?

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    Yeah, I know the auto rev only work at certain rpm ranges, my
    03 150 had it also, but either way its not working, wondering if it not working and dying when letting off at speed are related. Checked all the clamps and hoses for air leak didn't spot anything. Other than stalling ski runs fine, pulling 10, 11 lbs of boost and 7800 rpms.

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    push the key in and then remove the key ,
    You should hear a series of rattles/ clicks coming from the throttle body.
    This is the ISC motor resetting its self ( I called it a IAC , which is a car term my bad )
    If you DONT hear those rattle noises replace the Idle Speed Control motor on the throttle body

    it also is what lifts the rpm for the Steering control
    they normally fail when water pass's threw them or can just be old age

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    Thanks Waz, I think your exactly right. I had just plowed through a wave before it started happening, and I don't remember hearing all the little rattles and clicks that the ski normally goes through either. Will check it out. Thanks again.b

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    If problem still exists, check/replace ISC (idle speed control) unit - it's a stepper motor that controls the amount of air going into the intake when throttle is completely closed.

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    Had the same issue with my 07. Changed out the ISC and no more stalling. Was doing it when i bought the ski so I didn't know the ISC made noise. I thank this forum for the info on fixing it.

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