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    Thumbs up need help for my setting (SEADOO 720cc) !!!


    I need some help to get right setting carbs for my SEADOO 720 HX, who can help me ??

    This is my set up:

    Piston WISECO diam. Oem
    Cylinders stock, 1,4mm planed on the top + shim of 1,4mm under.
    Porting crankcase
    Ada head with domes 36cc
    Factory pipe + water injection
    Intake R&D
    External fuel pump MIKUNI
    Mikuni carbs diam.46mm
    -main jet = 132,5 rear / 135 front
    -pilot jet = 80 (the both)
    -needle & seat = 2,0
    -spring = black
    Fuel return with jet of 110
    Air filter prolock R&D

    Fuel = 98 octane / oil 2%

    With this configuration, my PWC has problems to starting (hot and cold), the engine clogged, many black discharged at the exhaust, a rather long response time....
    The spark is also quite low (oem ignition + rev limiter)

    What can you advise me to obtain the better performance ???

    Thanks a lot !

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    i just did my carb and the high side was 1/4 turn and the low side was 3/4 turn. But somtimes the high side is 0 on those carbs. I always keep track by screwing it in before i take it out then write it down on some paper so you can get it back to where it was any way. mine is bored out .40mm and the factory setting kept it good but im not sure how the porting of your crank case has effected it. i would find out your factory setting if you didnt keep track of them and if your worried richin it up and bit and go out and start tuneing take some extra plugs with you just in case because i would always rather foul a plug then take out an engine and if its fouling plugs lean it down a bit if you see the screw move stop and try it.hope that helps you a bit!!

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