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    Impeller pitch for RXT

    2008 rxt. riva s3 charger, 3" air intake, 42 lb injectors.

    Stock prop was on limiter a bit when spring cool weather.
    Put in my 13/18 and now that its hot, I only get 7940-7980 rpms.

    I have a 14/17 as well. Do you think I should just remove a
    little from trailing edge of 13/18
    OR add a little to the 14/17
    or do you thing the 14/17 will give me about 200 rpms over 13/18 ??

    Speed is 67.4 with 13/18 on cool morning at 8000 rpm. (cant get that rpm
    anymore with hotter weather).

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    Skat gives 13/17 for stock and stage 1 RXTs.A friend of mine has a GTX with x charger and Riva ecu,he see 8400 with a skat 13/17 piched to 13/18.Riva gives 15/18 for the same ski with that mods.

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    why do you have 42's in there w/o an ex ic?

    that tiny 3" air is strangling your sc

    check my sig

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    Figured I'd error on the rich side with the S3 sc housing/wheel with the 42's...
    Had the 42's and S3 here anyways. Also, had the 3" riva air intake too.. So
    used what I had here.

    So, do you think that there is "?" rpms difference between the
    14/17 and the 13/18 ???? 100, 200, ????

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