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    2002 Genesis I FICHT oil pump extremely hot

    I just got finished replacing a sheared woodruff key on the crank, reassembled the stator cover with the oil pump attached and lined it up on the plastic slot on the end of the crank. Started the ski and ran good, but noticed that the oil pump was so hot it was smoking!! The stator cover was cool. I took the pump off and it felt a bit notchy at places, so I ordered a oil pump and installed it today. I primed the pump using the below procedure and and am still having the same results.

    For the oil feed hose from tank to pump, just crack open the bleed screw right on the oil pump. The oil will flow via gravity and push the air out. Tighten the bleed screw again.

    For the individual small oil hoses, find something like a syringe or tiny funnel. One by one pull one end of each small hose off and fill it with oil, then reconnect.

    OR dribble some oil (not a lot, just a dribble, maybe a teaspoon) down each throttle intake. Then run the engine at idle on the hose. Manually pull the oil pump arm all the way forward while the engine idles. You should see the oil push the air bubbles through. It doesn't move all that fast, even with the oil arm pulled to 'max'.

    Don't forget to limit engine run-time to less than 2 minutes on the hose, then let it cool down. This protects the drive shaft seals from overheating.
    Any advise would be appreciated.

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    Something isn't right.

    Is it possible the drive cap on the crank shaft snout is too far forward and is pressing hard against the oil pump shaft?

    Why was the woodruff key sheared? Normally the flywheel is stuck on with Loctite so they don't normally shift around.

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    The key sheared to violent backfires from a faulty EMM.

    I will take the stator cover back off and look at the drive cap condition and postion and let you know.


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