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    08 VX Deluxe - half speed, no water coming out of side exhaust port

    Hi guys, we have a low hour 2008 VX Deluxe that rode fine last weekend and now only rides about 1/2 speed (30 MPH), at lower RPM. We checked L-Mode operation, and it made it slower to about 24MPH. Still starts and runs fine otherwise.

    We checked and took out the the intake grates, and no clogs or issues. Only other odd symptom is only air is coming out of side exhaust port when manual says it should always have water coming out.

    Any ideas where to start? Thanks in advance for your help

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    Where did you ride it last weekend? Any chance you got some mud/clogging the in the line! that can explain why you are not getting water coming out of the port pisser!

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    good thought. Looks like it was an overflow oil issue, as my brother thought it was low and filled it up when cold. I saw on another thread that if oil came through oil breather vent line, it would choke the engine and cause the same symptoms. We opened the air breather unit and it was saturated with puddles of oil, so it looks like that was the problem.

    With low air intake, maybe that reduced the vacuum enough to limit the water port deal. Thanks for your help

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