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    FX HO Velocity Stacks VS Intake mod?

    Hey guys,

    I already have the riva air filter, R&D intake grate, PPK, and Solas 14/20 impeller.

    So I am looking at getting the free flow exhaust and either buying the velocity stacks or doing this mod I found here in the threads. ( )

    Do you guys see anything wrong with doing the mod instead of spending the $140 on the 'cool looking' parts?

    Will there be a problem such that if there is a flame it could melt my intake/hoses around the area?


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    IMO the velocity stacks do what they claim....add velocity to your inlet charge . I don't think there is any significant problem with running without the stacks though. The stacks seem to direct flow into your throttle body and without them it is just a random flow. For all I know, it may be better without them. Most guys say get the free flow. I am old and don't like the extra noise is the only reason I don't run the free flow. The rear exhaust is better but more money.

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