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    Just bought a 91 VXR - Good deal?

    So I just commited to buying a 91 VXR, cover, and trailer for $600.
    Also included are titles for both, and the original owners manual.
    The thing fired right up on the first try, and seemed to rev properly. I only let it run for 30 sec or so with no hose attached.

    Its a little rough around the edges, but otherwise in good shape for the year. The seat was recovered some time ago, but looks real good, and the front hood was painted blue. It needs a repaint as I can see red in spots and in the intake vents. The gelcoat is faded and dull, and a little worn in spots, but solid.

    Trailer needs new leaf springs, but should make it home ok.

    Good deal or not?
    I gave a $60 (10%) deposit since my towning vehicle is in the shop after someone hit me

    I can still back out and only lose $60. Is there anything that I need to look out for?
    I'm mainly going to be using this for the rest of the season untill I finish my Polaris project. I may resell it next season, or keep it for friends to ride.

    Sorry for my ignorance, but I am not familiar with Yami PWC's.

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    with out pictures its hard to say..If it runs with out alot of work, you have a good ski for a fellow rider to use... its not fast, maybe 40 tops ..VXRs were the next design step above the wr ..its bottom was a little less flat than the wrs so it took the rough better (wont beat you as bad)..
    If you need a yamaha factory VXR performance plate..its NOS (hot pink)... 30.00 plus shipping..

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    Thats the cool thing, it doesn't need any work!
    Its missing the knob for the fuel reserve, but thats a $6 part new.

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