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    drive shaft leak issues

    I replaced the carbon seal with the drive shafrt bearing seal and now i have a leak.. comes right out of the front of the bearing.. do i need that hat looking piece on the shaft with the bearing or what.. got it and it didnt have directions.. got it from here.. looks nice just want to ride my boat.. please help

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    You have to make sure that bearing "Snaps" back together...When you pulled it out you seperated it and it now needs to be pushed back together...You should be able to do this in the ski,especially if you have the driveshaft tool,if not you may have to pull it back out to do this...

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    You shouldn't need to pull it unless it is set at a strange angle. Take even force and apply to each side of the bearing. It should seat with a little pressure. DO NOT bang it and or force it. Try to get it to back off a little and go back in. If it does not work, you will need to pull the shaft again. Use the socket method for that. Easy, easy, easy....

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    Thanks guys.. Will be on the water this weekend i hope..

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    Joe, Not sure where in Kenosha you are but I am in Lindenhurst just south of the border. If you want some help let me know.

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