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    Yamaha GP1200R replacement Power Valve is different than original

    Hello! I have a GP1200R ski, and while I had the powervalves out and was cleaning the housings, I dropped one on the ground and broke it. So, I got online and ordered a new one from Yamaha (Part # 66E-1131S-10-00) and, upon recieving it, found out it is not the same, and won't fit....the bushing the valve rides in is taller on the new valve, has no groove in it, and sits about 1/8" too tall when installed in the block. The only way I can see it working is if I press the pin out of the top and switch out the bushing with the one from the old broken valve, and press the pin back in. So....where did I go wrong, and is pressing the pin out any big deal, or is the valve shaft too fragile to try it? Any help is hugely appreciated, as I want to get this thing on the water! Thanks!!

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