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    MSX 110 WOT normal RPM - seems lower than before flipping


    I had the oil in the intake issue 3 times now from (girlz) flipping it over .... so i have been reading threads here for some time now and have taken apart my intake system/oil system many times now and fixed it .

    The question is , i remember when i bought the ski new it would get between 7,200 - 7,400 rpm consistently @56 MPH but I have just been putting it back together after repair and running it just to hit the beach .

    I just got off the lake a few hours ago and noticed I'm getting 6,950-7,050 at WOT @48 MPH. Now, from 0-Mph to full throttle it jumps to 7,300 for a split second and drops back to 6,950.

    Turbo actuator is free and working.
    Compression is good.
    Both Bosh pressure sensors i cleaned and re-cleaned ..... all good .
    plugs are new.
    gas is 93 octane
    Double checked intake , still all clean !
    changed oil .

    So..... I'm kinda stumped, ski seems kinda sluggish out of the hole but runs great ?

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    I don't think you would lose 8mph from a 400RPM drop

    Perhaps the intake sensors are no longer working to specification, despite the cleanings.

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    I was thinking the same thing , just seems to be lacking balls to get up to speed n stuff . I read the section on here on how to test the sensors with a multimeter however it list 2 different numbers when testing a set of pins, so im a little confused by it ?

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    So..... i just took some sensor readings with my multi meter ....

    On the 2 Bosh sensors :

    manifold sensor:
    Pins 1&2 was .9
    Pins 1&4 was 4.1
    Pins 3&4 was 5.5

    Boost Sensor:
    Pins 1&2 was 1.9
    Pins 1&4 was 4.1
    Pins 3&4 was 5.4

    Spec Says :
    Pins 1&2 = 2.5 KOhm @ 68F
    Pins 1&4 = 2.4-8.2 KOhm
    Pins 3&4 = 3.4-8.2 KOhm

    Both on the table at 79 degrees

    Wastegate Pulse Valve Solenoid: Was at 23.3 ,Spec say 28.5-32Ohm

    What you guys gather from this ? The ski has 127.4 hours on it .

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    Looks like one or both sensors are out of spec for at least Pins 1-2. Replace the sensors?

    For the other measurements I presume the meter was showing K ohms.

    Waste gate solenoid ohms are probably close enough.

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