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    02 Virage TXi runs bad whe it's been sitting, great after 10 mins. Help plz!!!

    I just bought the TXi with a bad fuel pump. Changed it out, and it runs great. I do have a major problem. Hoping I can get help with.

    1. When it sits for an extended period of time (more than 5 hrs), it is hard starting, runs very bad, jerking, missing, and sputtering for about 10 mins, then it runs fine. I think I have it fugured out. I noticed on the MFI when I try to start it after it sits, the battery voltage is low, 10- 11.5 volts (9 when cranking). As it runs, the voltage comes up, and it runs fine after the voltage says 13.2 at idle. Something is drawing on the battery. The person I bought it from says he put a new battery in it, and it "looks" new.

    What I've noticed, I believe my MFI doesn't go to "sleep" for lack of a better word. It shows everything, even after an hour of sitting. Both fuel/oil levels, clock, unlocked on the bottom, and the tiny mark at 0 rpm. Is there a way to make the MFI go to sleep, and by being active, does it consume power for the EMM? Could that be my drain, enough to make it run bad til the stator can charge the battery? Forgot to mention, when I'm done riding, I always pull the lanyard out.

    Thanks for any input.


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    (Just so everyone is on the same page...)

    Your MFI is fine, that is how it looks when it is sleeping. When you press a button it wakes up and the speedo needle goes full sweep. That is how you know it was sleeping.

    The low battery voltage display suggests there is a problem with the electrical system. Measure the actual battery voltage using a multimeter. Sometimes the display is not accurate.

    How old is the battery? Is it possible the battery has an internal problem/short that is causing trouble? I recommend factory sealed AGM batteries, not the typical wet lead-acid battery.

    Measure the voltage on the white/red wires (any of them) while the engine is running poorly. Do not unplug any injectors, find another spot to connect your meter probe. Black meter probe to engine ground. Should be right around 45 volts and fairly stable as RPM changes.

    I would start by removing, cleaning and checking all the engine ground connections. Especially the main one at the left rear corner of the engine case.

    Also remove and clean both ends of the red battery cable, and the other thin red wire(s) at the solenoid stud.

    Next I would remove and inspect the 12-pin and 8-pin connections at the EMM. Make sure both sides of each connector are clean and corrosion free. If there is dried up dielectric grease on the pins or sockets, clean it out with electrical contact cleaner.
    Quote Originally Posted by Bigbill55
    ... when I pulled out the tank for the fuel pump change out, that one of the red/white wires (one on the end) had a splice crimp style in it. Right close to the connector. I think I'll solder it together, and heat shrink it.

    I'll clean all connections, and test the battery. It's supposed to be new, but who knows. I'll post what I find...

    It does have the correct/new plugs in it.


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