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    Polaris Genesis Reads running Hot (117000 Degrees!)

    I have just retrieved my 2004 Polaris Genesis form the shop and it appears to be running fine. However the shop informed me the the on board computer is reading that the Genesis is running Hot, approx 117000 degrees hot (that is not a type O either). They want to sell me a new computer for over $1000.00. Has anyone ever encountered this issue and do you know of a fix for this problem?

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    Is the HOT or Check Engine message showing when the engine is running?

    Is it RPM limiting to about 3500RPM?

    There are three temp sensors on a Ficht engine. One in the air intake, one in the exhaust water jacket, and one inside the EMM itself. Which sensor is reporting the false reading?

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    Not a type O error??? really? aluminum melts at 1220 deg F and carbon steel melts at 2600-2800 deg F. The sun's surface is only 10,000 deg F. Sounds like a bad temp sensor to me

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    A nuclear reactor having a meltdown only reaches about 4900 degrees. I would go with a bad temp sensor also.

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