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    JeTtInG specs for Novi 48 carburetors with type A boosters, triple pipes

    I recently pulled apart PRO 1200 and in the process I went thru the carbs. The boat had a programed ignition, triple factory pipes and ran on a premix race fuel.

    The carbs. were 48 NOVI's with (A) type boosters. (those are the ones that look like a D!! WHO KNEW .

    I could tell by the flame pattern on the pistons that it was running very well. So I thought I would pass along the jetting specs. to anyone who was curious.

    The mag was LS.132.5, HS.130, NS>2.5, 65 gram spring (shinny silver) Screw adj. LS.1 3/8, HS.1 3/8

    Center same except LS. screw was 1 1/2.
    PTO. same as Mag.

    I have had very good luck with upside down jetting. I think this would work well on most 1200 triple pipe boats, including matrix. Certainly a good starting point.

    Just sharing some info.

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    Thanks for sharing.

    What's your altitude since that will affect jetting as well.

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    HIGH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As in Real High LOL

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    altitude 500 ft. LOW REAL LOW!!!

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