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    Belt Replacement Cost

    I am having problems with the supercharger (I believe). Ski "bogs" from dead start when turning, and cuts out around 4-5K RPM, but eventually makes it to full throttle.

    Long story, been in and out of shop 5 times since last season and same problem each time. Kawasaki has been involved also.

    TPS and Fuel pump replaced. Most recently supercharger belt replaced as that is what Kawi had them do for the "for sure" fix.

    What is the cost for the belt replacement? I got totally ripped off, especially since I did not authorize them to replace, in the end it cost 300.00 to replace (originally 600!) and problem still exists. From what I read changing the belt is not rocket science and should be 1-2 hour job MAX.

    Thanks guys

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    belt is 45 bucks.... 2 hours of labor depending on the shop labor rate - 100-110 an hour. 265+ tax is about right so right around 300 is reasonable. you need to find a new dealer if they were going to charge 600 bucks to replace the belt.

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