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Thread: 800 xlt

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    800 xlt

    wont start when hot,help

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    Need a little more than that.........Cant help with out specifics, have you trouble shooted any? Choke, no choke. Throttle no throttle. Carbs stock? When you pump the throttle quickly on stock carbs it throws a little fuel into the carbs via the accelerator pumps. Try that with a little throttle and see if that helps. Have the carbs been rebuilt, how old is the ski. Most likely im going to say carb rebuild time.

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    daytona fl
    its 02 stock carbs,rebuilt 2 years ago ... and how do u get 60+mph?

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    60mph+ with thousands upon thousands into the engine!!! I had parted it out but the Big names on here got to see it run and or rode it, so its no bull:0)
    try priming it and see if it helps any. Who rebuilt them and did you rebuild both sides of the carbs? Also PM osidebill he may be able to help ya.

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