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    polaris sl 750 bogging and hard acceleration from idle?

    Any ideas? Ski is very difficult to get going. Bogs and wants to stall from acceleration to cruise. Idles fine and runs great once it gets going but takes some playing with the throttle to get it going. Checked the fuel tank vent tube and it was good... wondering if I might have a slight vacumn leak but piston wash is good....I Have the carbs off so Im gona due a vacumn leak check and check the carbs while I have them off. But any ideas please advice...
    The ski idles fine and runs fine once its going. Compression is good 120 psi all 3 cyclinders.... Wondering is a cylinder base gasket could cause this or?

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    What year 750?

    What's your pop off?

    What are your low carb screws set at?

    what impeller is installed?

    What all has been done as far as fuel system updates?

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