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    Question on rotary valve

    Just bought a 95 Seadoo GTI with the white 587 motor. Previous owners shop said the brass gear may be bad. I've looked through the messages here and have afew questions.
    1. How much play should there be at the rotary valve when i turn the crank? There seems to be about 1/8 inch either way now.
    2. Can I pull the rotary shaft with the engine in the hull? It looks like I can but I'd like to confirm this and also make sure its okay to pull it without splitting the case.

    The motor spins freely and has compression. I'm wondering if I should just pull the shaft, check out the gear, possibly replace the shaft/gear, clean the bottom end as much as i can then see if it runs.

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    if it ate the rotary valve gear then all those brass shavings are in the crank bearings on each side of the rotary valve gear. engine will have to come out and be dissasembled to clean out the shavings if it hasn't done too much damage already.

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