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    Unhappy 2007 rxt seadoo wont start,or beep when key is installed

    i stored my ski for the winter and then when i installed my battery and put my key on the dess post it didn't chirp but the gauges did come on ,but it wouldn't turn over so i tried the other key and still nothing so i took out the battery and put it in my other ski and it started right up any ideas???

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    I have heard that you may have to take it to the dealer and have it reset. Someone will post soon I am sure.


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    The most likely reason for this is a bad DESS post. Your ski has a 4 wire post, and two internal reed switches. The one switch is working, turning on the power, but the other switch which operates the DESS function is likely bad. If you have a multimeter, you can check continuity between DESS post wires to diagnose this. There is a connector below the steering assembly, look for a Black wire on terminal 1 and Black/purple wire on terminal 5. Measure continuity between these two with key off then key on the post, on the side of the connector leading up to the handle bar assembly. THen do the same test between the Black wire on terminal 1 and the Black/Yellow wire on terminal 2. Continuity should be near zero with key on the post, infinite ohms with key off.

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