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    785 Seadoo Buckshot heads, K&N filters, jet kit

    I have Seadoo mods for sale for any Seadoo with the 785 motor. I have a set of used but in great shape Buckshot 93 octane heads, 2 K & N filters with the outerwears, and a Bill O'Neal jet kit tuned to run this set-up, which is a stage one. I also have a complete pump w/ 85/88 R&D nozzle and XO Solas prop. This is everything you need to get your 800 really moving. I sacrificed no $ on these parts I got high quality stuff tuned to run together. I also have 3 brand new never opened standard bore Pro X pistons with rings for a 785 motor. Let me know if you are interested?

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    Sent you a PM.

    I'm interested in the filters carb adaptors and outerwears.

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    The heads are ADA instead of Buckshot, my mistake. Everything is still for sale. Looking for reasonable offers.

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    785 ??
    That's a 720 big bore isnt it ??

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    No sorry these are Seadoo 800 parts. Send me your email or cell phone number for pics. I am trying to get rid of these. Pump in great condition w/ XO Solas Prop and 85/88 nozzle:$290. ADA heads with cover and domes: $160. K&N filter w/ outerwears/ adaptors/ jet kit: $150! 3 Pro x pistons and rings: $200! Worx intake grate: $70. R&D 3 degree trim wings: $90.
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    Price update!

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    Any offers?

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