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    2000 Sea Doo GTX PLEASE HELP!

    Hello, To start off I want to introduce myself, My name is Ryan Pappas and I hope you can help me out. My friends dad is selling me his 2000 Seadoo GTX for $800 with a brand new trailer. The ski was used in salt water only a few times and flushed after every use. However, since they moved the ski has sat behind their garage and the ski wont start. Before it was placed outside for 2 years it was winterized. Oviously the battery is dead, but what else could be wrong with it. I know he told me it did not seize. Also is the 2000 Sea Doo Even a good ski. How fast will it go stock? The the turning cable is also stuck I believe. I havent tried starting it yet b/c the battery is obv dead. What types of problems should I expect if it was winterized before its storage.

    All the dirt washed off today. Now to get mold of the leather seats? any suggestions???

    Engine looks cleaner in person!

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    Put a new battery in it and see if it runs. Check the compression and spark. Check the meter for the hours. Thats a good start

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