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    Help my ski dies under wot

    Hello everyone,

    First post and glad to be a part of this community.

    I do have a problem though was wondering if anyone could help me out here?

    I have a 95 seadoo gtx and have performed the following tasks:

    replaced all fuel lines
    rebuilt carbs (or I should say thoroughly cleaned carbs and filters)
    put in a new wear ring
    checked comp. in cylinders
    removed old gas
    running first tank of gas as mix about 60/1

    The ski runs great out of the hole and could run all day at half throttle or so and you can go to wot for a sec no problem. However when you hold wot it dies? You can catch it with the throttle and not let it die completely but if you hold wot it will die.

    This ski is new to me and previous owner had played with the high jet adj. screws. So I reset both low and high to factory specs.

    I can't figure out if it's a lack of fuel problem or a air leak problem? Didn't know if anyone else had experienced these symptoms. I did open the gas tank and didn't hear a obvious vacuum problem.

    Pretty sure it's not a electrical, not positive however. It's just that the ski really doesn't just die, it acts like it ran out of gas or something?

    Thanks for you help

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    Well with no responses I decided to rebuild the carbs, instead of just cleaning them like before. Going to test it today and see if that helped.

    Will let you know

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    If i knew,...I wouldn't ask sea-one's Avatar
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    Alot of circumstances here and i'll just give my two cents. Depending were you live,the fuel today are Ethanol based and takes more fuel to run than it did back in '95 so a re-jet may be needed? The high speed screws can be set at 3 turns out maximum,but thats max.also the crankshaft end cranl seals can be bad causing it to run lean on top end.Pull the plugs and see what color they are, electrode should be dark brown and the outter rim and threads should be wet/oily.

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    I had the exact same problem with mine ( still not sure if it's fixed ) but I replaced and did everything like you said! Then I kept reading and come to find out I forgot to check one place and that was the fuel selector valve! Pulled that off and it was clogged with gunk, on top of that it was corroded so bad it wouldn't even change from off on and reserve, the dial was just spinning! So I ordered a new one and I'm hoping that's the final fix to this issue... Should be getting it in today so I will let you know after tomorrow if that's what the problem was or not *fingers crossed*

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    It sounds like my 2 stroke dirtbike when it started losing compression... have you checked lately?

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    what does your main ground look like...have you replaced that yet?

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    im layin my money on the fuel selector

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    Well rebuilt the carbs and no change, the selector switch is clean and flowing well.

    My next step is to keep backing out on the high end adjustment to see if that works. I just wasn't sure how far I could go ( Thanks Sea One). So now I will go as far as three turns and see what that gives me.

    Thanks to all, will let you know how it goes??

    This is the weirdest thing runs like a complete champ, except for the whole top end thing!?!? Comes out of the hole as fast as my 2009 gtx.

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    Sucks to hear it wasnt your fuel selector! Got mine in today and installed, took it to the lake and ran like a champ!!

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    Hey guys, new to the forum. My Polaris sl650 is doing the exact same thing as this ski. Just wondering if u came to a solution. My ski fires right up with no choke every time, idles smooth, takes off hard, cruises just fine, but after about 5 seconds of 3/4-full throttle, she dies. If I let off, it will keep running and do all the same again. Just wondering if u got urs fixed.

    Ps, ski was given to me with a hole in the rear piston. I found a cylinder and piston for it, .010 over, did new gaskets, rebuilt carbs, and it ran like a champ for a month or two. Then this started.

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