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    How to tow your Honda on the water

    Had an occasion to loose a rider a couple of weekends ago. This required having to tow my F12X many miles back to the trailer. I had to stop several times to start it up and get he water out of the exhaust system to prevent problems.

    So the Question is: Is there a recomended proceedure or device that can block off the water intrusion into the exhaust system to prevent this from happening so that it can be towed at more than a snails pace?

    There might possibly be something in the manual, but have been unable to find mine.

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    The intake grate being forced through the water MAY be able to generate the very slightest amount of pressure before it exits the nozzle [due to the nozzle's restriction]. I have always doubted whether it was possible to generate enough velocity pressure to fill the waterbox to overflowing and inundate the turbo. When my '02 [back in '03] ate a valve 12 miles up river from the ramp we towed it at 30 miles per hour behind Ricks and got no water in it.
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    wanted to bump this thread as I am also interested. Got almost stranded 10 miles off-shore last year when my ski ate a rope. This year I bought sea-tow but am wondering what good it will do me if the thing cant be towed?

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    I've towed one at 15 mph for 15 miles no issues with the ski afterwards no water back flowed.

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    Read the owners manual,… Everything you need to know about towing is there. Keep it under 10 MPH.


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