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    visual differences in 1200 motor and 1300 motor?

    I purchase my ski from a guy that told me he had the motor changed out and the question I have is every 1200 motor I have seen is black in color and mine is silver..

    I was wondering if anyone here can tell me how I can tell if it is a 1300 or 1200 motor with out having to get a look at the tag on the bottom case

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    My '01 XLT1200 motor is silver while my '01 GP1200R motor is black. Color won't help.
    Can't you look at the engine serial number on the head?
    I believe a 1200 would start with 67x while a 1300 would begin with 60T.
    If I'm wrong the guys will correct me.

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    I believe the replacement motors from yamaha come silver.

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    Can't you just peek under the stinger and see if there are carbs or throttle bodies?

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    guy said it was from an xlt so that is prob it. I am deff not seeing 1300 numbers

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