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    Trailer lighting issue..

    06 Sea Lion double with bunks...

    One of the tail lights got broken...i replaced the entire light and got running, brake or blinker...
    I tried plugging the light in about 6 inches from the plug to see if the wires somewhere in-between was the problem...still nothing...
    Every other light is working..except the one side tail light....
    So I figure it the plug...I install a new plug and now the light is lighting up when I turn the lights on but it will not blink...
    Does this sound like a grounding issue or could it be the plug side of my truck?
    I guess i could hook up to another trailer and see if there is any issues with an lights on that trailer?
    My ground seems to be tight..all wire connections are tight...I'm thinking the plug on the truck...? Any help appreciated, thanks !

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    The ground is most often the problem when the lights act weird. I usually troubleshoot by running a ground jumper wire directly from the tow vehicle. If they are LED, you have to get the polarity correct on the wires. I had a weird issue with my trailer and discovered it was a plug up inside the frame that came apart

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    Not led's they are just regular your saying run a long wire from the ground coming from the plug to the negative terminal on the battery of my truck and see what happens? Hmmm...good idea

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