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    HELP! tigershark only gets spark when i let off the start button

    i have been stumped now for weeks with this. my tigershark montego only gets spark when i let off the start button but not while i am holding it down. i have complelty gone through the entire electrical system and tested everthing with my multimeter. turns over great, tons of compression to each cylinder and all. it almost started once for me when i tried clicking the starter button acouple times. like i said when i pull a plug and ground it out then try starting it, it only sparks when i let off of the start button. i had this problem years ago and stored the jet ski away becouse i was so fed up. now i have been working on this again and still have nothing. ANY HELP IS VERY MUCH APPRECIATED!! im stuck and would like to get my beast running!
    Thanks in advance!

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    I am not a Tigershark expert at all, but I can provide some comments from my Polaris side that may be useful.

    Weak battery. Make sure the battery voltage while cranking is well over 10.6 volts.

    Also make sure the battery ground cable at the engine is a clean and tight connection. Same for all the other electrical grounds.

    Kill switch. Try disconnecting the kill wire from the CDI module.

    Check the battery voltage right at the CDI module while cranking. Also make sure the CDI ground really is grounded.

    Hope this helps

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    ya the battery is good is brand new and fully charged.. the thing cranks over like a freakin tank and i have a brand new high torque starter on it. so as of last night i found a post with someone having trouble with there tether stop switch. so i took it apart and messed with it and guess what it started.. so i have to look into it more and figure it out thanks!

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    bump on this, thought i had it and it did get constant spark once but real inconsistant sometimes it does most the time it doesnt
    help plz!

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    Possibly stator if spark is inconsistant. Bear to change.

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    stator? i put a new one in last year my old one was pretty hammered on. im seriously about to just give this thing away

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