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    Honda Aquatrax R-12X 2007 problem with Turbo and water infiltration


    I am a new user. I am from Canada , Quebec so my english is not very good. I have a trouble with my PWC. Last week I put him on water. The engine start well but the engine rev only at 4000 RPM full gaz. So I decide to check my turbo and he was stock. So I clean it and return on water. The engine go well ,full gas ,full turbo, but after 2-3 time to release and put full gaz, the turbo disapear. I recheck my turbo and I found water in it. How water infiltration in my turbo is possible ? Everything look good.. I think that after 2-3 time the water is like a resistance on the turbo propeller and after 2-3 time to much water enter in it so the turbo boost disapear... I am really disapointed !

    I check my oil and I think that I have water in it.... So my manifold is broken ? Everything look good.. Last year my PWC goes vey well all the season... I have not realy winterize this Winter but He stay in a warm garage... Can you help me ?


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    Lots a posts on this issue, Look for "Water in the oil, Oh no" that I posted this summer. Also search the posts for "exhaust manifold"
    Don't let the motor sit with the water in it long, or you'll be replacing the main bearings and more!

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    you possably have a cracked exhaust manafold, or turbine/wastegate housing for turbo, or somthing is going on with your oil cooler
    if saltwater is bad in your area it could have easily ate through this stuff, anadodes might be gone!

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