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    help: my sj wont start

    help: my sj wont start
    hi everyone, need help, my superjet rode flawless last season till i parked it for winter and now it wont start.
    looked for answers here but didnt really find anything (((

    so did a little diagnostics here.

    here is what ive done so far, :
    dried up everything in the hull,
    checked for fuel t carbs, gets there, tried even pouring some premix into carbs and cylinders and still nothing,
    starter turns over it feels like it starts for a split second, like 2 revs and dies,
    checked plugs they didnt look too good, and there was only 2 sparks and then no spark( which explains why starts for 2 revs and dies)
    replaced spark plugs with specified ngk and same thing.
    took off the stator cover ad looked dry in there a little oily but oil there is normal i think, just a little.

    took off ebox and took it apart, and there was a little moisture in it, so i blow dried it, and still same thing.

    feels to me like something is shutting it down after 2 revs. so i disconnected the temp sensor and same thing, start feels a little stronger but still only 2 sparks,
    tried disconnecting the kill switch and still same thing.

    now im thinking its either a bad coil, bad cdi, or something telling the ebox to shutdown. can anyone tell me if im on the right track and where should i look next and what to do..


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