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    04 / 05 Camshafts, any difference?

    Part numbers end in 28 (04) and 29 (05). I recall there was a discussion a while back with some saying they were exactly the same and others not so sure.

    I'm replacing my 05 head with an 08-X head and would like to see if its worth the camshaft swap. Another question I have is that is the riva valve train kit necessary to bump the RPMS with an aftermarket ecu? Will just the retainers and shims work?


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    There is also a 27 cam found in some 04's & early 05's

    As long as your valve springs are in good shape, and don't have 200+ hours on them.... shims & titanium retainers have proven to be good to 8600 rpm or so. You can also have the valves lightened for added security.

    Don't forget to remove the oil restricter from your 05 block before you bolt that 08 head on!

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    Also, i have parted out 10 2004's and nine of them had the 29 cam, not the 28.

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