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    trying to polish a turd

    Im back to messing with this 1200xl that i bought my daughter .. Mechanically it runs great, its just a dog. I put wave eater clips and dplate in, changed the intake grate and cone that I bought off another member here which helped on the bottom end, the problem is that its just a dog on the top end ( 52-54 mph on a smooth lake). I had to take the gutted out cat and put back in place of the d-plate to get the 54 mph but im concerned about not enough back pressure. The bottom of the hull is rough as hell, looks like it was dragged around a sand bar but I cant do anything about that until winter. Can someone point me in the right direction on shoe height and rideplate mods to help on the top end. Does the shoe need to be inset or flush with the hull. It looks like there is about a .020 gap around the impeller.. I can do any machining that needs to be done. I know these questions have probably been asked here a dozen times but can find much on the basic stuff. Thanks in advance for any help..

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    What do you have for a compression test of the three cylinders? I just found a 25psi pressure difference on the #1 cylinder of ours and that caused problems similiar to yours. (Now in process of top end rebuild)

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    I cant remember what compression was.. around 115 if i remember right.. With the bottom of the hull as rough as it is and 108° temps im supprised im getting 54 out of it..

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    I noticed my biggest gains when I installed the R&D ride plate. Also a 5* nozzle helps too. The trick with the XL/XLTs is getting the hull out of the water by increasing the ride angle. PM me if you need a nozzle.

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    I have a nozzle and will do the ride plate this winter when i strip it down and paint it and ill probably change the impeller and wear ring while its apart.

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