Reposting on this thread. I had posted in the MoTeC support with no replies, so i thoght I would try here. I hope this post is not too long winded. My 2001 gtx rfi 787 got capsized and flipped back correctly after about two minutes. Luckily it happened close to the lake shore where I was able to pull it out of the water and drain it out completely. I let it sit on the trailer for about an hour (a couple of beers later) then tried starting it. It fired right up. Put the drain plugs in and put it back in the water, started it, and took off riding. after about 2 or 3 minutes it stalled and left me out about 300 yards from shore. Towed it in really slow with another ski but, now it wont fire up at all. It has a brand new fully charged battery and new spark plugs with really good strong spark on both. I get the two beeps when I put in the lanyard and no fault messages but all it does is crank over. Compresion is good (147-150) also and no water in cylinders or tank. I have removed the fuel pump and cleaned out both the external tea bag filter and dissasembled the pump housing to get to the internal filter. Fuel pressure is at 55 psi. Also removed the fuel rail and injectors and cranked engine with rail removed and got a really good mist from both injectors. Weird thing happened though. When I cranked the engine over to chech the injectors, the engine started and ran for about 6 or 7 seconds untill I shut it off by pulling the lanyard. I was afraid to damage something being that the rail and injectors were removed from the engine block. Don't understand how the engine would have finally started up like that. I then re-installed the injectors and rail back on and the darn thing would'nt start up again. Could it be that the cylinders still had fuel in them and with the injectors removed, air entered through the port holes and allowed combustion? And if so, why isnt air coming in from the intake? Could water have gotten into the air intake and is blocking the air flow ?? I am stumpped ???? anyone have any suggestions??? please help.