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    Custom exhaust for 97 gp1200?

    I was curious... Could one make their own exhaust without the rubber and waterbox on a 97 gp1200? Or would it be counter productive.... I'm looking for a different sound and less restriction. Any experts out there?

    Thanks guys!

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    My understanding is that there isn't much to gain in the single pipe exhaust except sound differences. And you'd be changing the waterbox for sound. Either debaffle the stock one or install an aftermarket waterbox. But nearly nothing performance wise to gain. I've heard the 99 expansion chamber pipe is better than the 97 and 98. Other than that, you could have the exhaust manifold and ring pipe extrude honed...but again, not much performance to gain there unless you've fully built the rest of the engine.
    If you want to do exhaust, you'd want to go with triple pipes and the supporting mods to go along with it.
    IMHO, there are a ton of other things to do first before trying to squeeze more performance from the single pipe exhaust.

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