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    seadoo tach signal and info guage

    anyone know the actual tach signal output from the mpem. I know its the grey wire and what it does and where it goes, but anyone actually know what type of signal it is. Like what the sign wave looks like on a oscilliscope? is it a negative square wave like most tach's? can it be duplicated so that a stand alone engine mangement systyem can be used woithout using the seadoo mpem or dess system?

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    HAHAHAHA...would LOVE to help you, but honestly, you lost me with EVERYTHING after "grey wire!"
    An electrician I am not!

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    yeah, it will take someone who owns an oscilloscope or knows seadoo mpem's really well to answer this. what im trying to do is take the tach output from my microsquirt and feed it to the seadoo tach and info guage.

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    i know oscilloscopes but ive never actually hooked one up to the tach signal

    yea sorry this doesnt help my bad

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    no big deal, just glad no one is really thread bashing saying im dumb for wanting to know this. guess ill just have to find someone with an oscilloscope and knows how to use it, drag in a grey ebox and a case, crank , flywheel and mag cup and see what it does.
    hopefully i can figure out the timing curve while im at it. timing degrees per rpm incriments.

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    sweet, msd tech support came through and told me output for tach signal from their msd enhancer for 787 is 12v square wave. which is prety generic. so hopefully i just hook up my tach output from ecu to seadoo tach and info guage tach signal wire and hopefully i get something. if not then looking for a module that will convert the signal from the oem pickup on the mag cup and convert it to a 12v square wave signal and just drive the tach from that.

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