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    96 gsx 787 rebuild help

    hi im new to the site and just bought s 96 gsx that was in great shape until i sucked up some mud in it and blew it up. so i figured id try and rebuild it instead of letting some deuchbag rebuild it for 1800.

    any way... im a pretty mechanicaly inclined kinda guy so taking stuff apart and putting it together is no problem for me. so far i have the motor ready to come out exept fot there the drive line goes into the motor. how do you seperate the motor from the shaft??
    other than that it looks like its ready to come out other than some hoses underneath it??

    i would like to bore it out a little so how do i go about getting the cylinders and head refinished. Do i need to do this first before i order new pistons and such. i might just need to buy a new head because mines pretty trashed

    any and all advice would be much appreciated... this will be my first rebuild to this extent so i wanna do it right.

    the only other things i was looking to get is maby a performance intake grate? when it was running it seamed to get out of the water and not hook up so great when it was rough out. also i need a new info center... mines kinda faded out
    thanks again

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    got the motor pulled and the cylinders pulled apart... now what lol
    someone help

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    just saw your post i have the same ski.i rebilt mine but i sent my jugs,rave valves and carbs to group k those guys know there stuff.58.8 gps

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    Welcome mike!

    -Send the cylinders to fullbore to have them cleaned/fitted for new pistons. I believe they sell pistons with there services so you can either figure out the cost of cheaper pistons + their boring services or use their top end rebuild. Resize your cylinders to whatever you want or get them cleaned up and get piston sizes according to the bore size

    -Replace the fuel lines if you have extra time on your hands. Only takes about 2hrs if you know what you're doing

    -If everything is apart, you may as well inspect the bottom end for any damage the mud may of caused. You'll need new gaskets anyway and they are usually cheaper when you buy the full gasket set.

    -Look in the classified for a 787 head, ebay or any other website for a head thats in good condition.

    -Pull the jet pump and examine it for any damage. Check for a chipped impeller, damaged wear ring or any debris that may be obstructing the impeller

    Basically you need to inspect everything by taking everything apart and either clean it up yourself, send to a pro to clean it or replace it. Find out exactly what went wrong/broke with the ingestion of mud so you don't rebuild on trash that wont work. As far as performance parts goes, I am not too sure about those, hopefully someone else here can enlighten you on a good 787 intake grate. The info center can be cleaned up unless its damaged beyond repair and again, you can look in the classifieds or ebay. Do you have pics of your progress?

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    Let us know if you are still out there needing help, since it has been a few months. But maybe you saved it for a winter project?

    If you haven't got the motor out yet ... you need to pull the jet pump on the back, so you can remove the propeller shaft, so you can pull the motor out.
    How much damage does "blew it up" mean?
    It would help to get a repair manual. You can usually locate one online for your model, and probably for free.
    Is it just the "top end" with the cylinders and pistons, or do you also have damage in the bottom end crankshaft, bearings, seals etc.?
    I can't imagine a head being trashed unless the whole top end is trash.

    It's hard to help without knowing if you still need it, and without more info.

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