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    2002 Genesis i - purchase considerations

    Thinking about getting one of these today.

    Any feedback on the ski?
    Are they reliable?
    Good Speed?
    Common failures?


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    What condition is it in?

    The Genesis i has the same fuel injected Ficht engine as the 2002 Virage TXi, which I have.

    The Genesis is rated for four passengers, but is the smallest and lightest of the four person PWC models. Equivalent versions from Yamaha and SeaDoo are much larger, and reports indicate the Genesis is the most playful of these large watercraft.

    Stable in the water at all speeds with top speeds in the mid 50 mph range, with good handling of rough water. As with most watercraft it is most comfortable with one person less than the rated maximum, and the Genesis is indeed quite comfortable with three people on board.

    Other owners of Genesis generally report that they like theirs a lot. Excellent for family use. Legal to pull two people on a tube, since it has seating capacity for four (driver, spotter, plus the tubers).

    The Ficht engine is easy to maintain and winterize, and simple to operate. No choke or even a fuel selector knob. Just get on, insert the lanyard and start the engine.

    Sometimes the EMM computer module can need repair. Other than possible EMM repair, if that is needed, the engine is otherwise generally reliable as are the carburetor versions of the same engine.

    As with any nine year old PWC from any brand, you need to evaluate the actual condition of the machine. Do not rely on engine hours as your primary determination of value. Owner maintenance practices and current condition are the important factors.

    Be sure to check cylinder compression. All spark plugs out, throttle held wide open, strong battery. Each cylinder should be with 5% of the others.

    Tip: Polaris watercraft really need a strong and healthy battery. Don't go cheap on the battery, and you will have fewer troubles. Factory sealed AGM type battery is recommended.

    On the water full throttle should deliver around 6700-6900 RPM sustained, give or take a little.

    I think the 2002 Genesis model has PERC electric reverse. I personally prefer reverse with a manually activated lever, but the reality is that if you know how to operate a PWC properly then you will rarely need to use reverse anyways, so it isn't a deal breaker. Even docking can be done smoothly and in a controlled fashion without using reverse.

    Through my signature links you can find more info on what to look for when buying a used watercraft, along with plenty of technical info.

    Whatever brand or model you end up buying, take the time to learns the ins and outs of servicing and maintaining it. Often the official manuals don't include everything you may need to know. You will find plenty of useful info and advice on the Greenhulk forums.

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    ^^listen to K, he is a smart guy

    Check compression for sure: good numbers are in the 120-140 range, but as stated, each cylinder should be within 5% of eachother.

    Also, run it ON the water, and give it a few good WOTs to make sure the ski rides good. If the seller won't goto the lake with you for a test ride, he is probably hiding something.

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