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    Right Impellor Tool?

    Hey guys,
    I'm in the middle of changing out my prop and I took the cone off it seems that I was shipped the wrong impellor tool for my RXT. Isn't it supposed to fit inside snuggly where the drive shaft enters? Here are some is only about 7/8" across..
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    Quote Originally Posted by SeaDoocer View Post
    Hey guys,
    I'm in the middle of changing out my prop and I took the cone off it seems that I was shipped the wrong impellor tool for my RXT. Isn't it supposed to fit inside snuggly where the drive shaft enters? Here are some is only about 7/8" across..
    I think thats for a GTX.

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    Crap!! More delays..doesn't anyone listen to what you say??!! I ordered this last year so I would have it when I needed it..I'm leaving to go to Key Largo Thurs morning and I wanted to take my ski out before I disappointing. Isn't the impellor tool supposed to be the same size as the drive shaft?
    Where's Shibster when you need him? lol

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    And no, I didn't order it from was before I knew about this board! The little girls working in the dealerships at the counter..God bless em'!! lol

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    Damn. that sucks Seadoocer. That's exactly why I always give the dealer a part number before I walk away with anything from them.

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    I know...but good news is that I called my dealer which is about 5 miles from me one way and he was there until 6...he's pretty cool...I ran down and he gave me the tool for the RXT...the other one was the at least I can finish it tomorrow! I need the other for my wifes GTX anyways..

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    yea you got the small 4-tec driveshaft prop tool... that works for all of them EXCEPT the RXP/RXT

    you can always do a really funny way of changing the prop

    1. lock the cam by taking valve cover off and sticking a very strong rod or screw driver into the cam locking tool hole
    2. remove the pump cone
    3. put the allen socket into the pump and loosen the impeller...
    4. take the pump off and spin the impeller off by hand
    5. spin the new prop on and make it as tight as you can by hand... put the pump back on the ski, and tighten it with allen socket
    6. remove cam locking tool and put valve cover back on

    effectively, you are using the drivehsaft on the ski as the impeller tool

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    There you go! good news!...PR...

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    lol @ Pr!
    I couldnt help but seeth all over again after reading your post. I bought my RXT & GTX from Champion Honda here in Mesa and they really stuck it to me on my RXT. No longer had I loaded it up when i saw a huge gouge about 7 inches long just under the front bow tie down. They promised me they would have it fixed. Little did I know that the service manager was trying to hook me up with a ski rental guy who was going to spray it with automotive paint...I went round and round with him for a month and he just kept lying to me and putting me off. Then I was changing my floor mats out for gator grips shortly after that and noticed when I wiped the back top surface off that there was some sort of lacquer finish coming off the back corner...all just to cover a little black dot the size of a dull pencil head! Evidently, they had already had a repair on it before selling it out the this day I see this sales manager at the bagel shop where I go and I have to make myself not let it bother me! I am cordial to them because they are AWA members but I would never recommend them to ANYONE...the service manager is a notorious bs'er and is known for not keeping his word.
    Not only that, they aren't what I would consider serious watercraft people. They specialize in ATV and motorcycles. I'm sorry, wouldn't normally mention a name but this kind of stuff just does nothing for my compassionate side and irks the living hades out of me!! Long story short, they never fixed any of it...Too bad, if they only knew how that kind of stuff comes back around.
    Kudos to Scott...we need more sales people like hisself!
    If I ever have problems with a dealer sales person again, I'm sending them to Jerry! lol....j/k Jerry.
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    Because of experiences like that, I learned real quick to do every piece of work on my ski myself. Can you imagine what sort of service you would get if you lost your ceramics from the S/C'er.....That would truly be a disaster....

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