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    1996 sea doo xp wont start

    Hey guys so a couple of days ago I took my xp out ran fine for about an hour it suddenly died and I have been unable to get it started since I cleaned all my connections checked my wires and made sure the ones I can get to are in good shape i replaced the battery bypassed the solenoid but still when I hit the start button the relay just clicks Idk if it is the starter what is the easiest way for me to remove it any suggestions thanks.

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    Welcome to you get power to the gauges? your hitting the start button and it just clicks? have you tried taking the main ground off the bottom of the motor and grounding elsewhere? they main ground if not replaced tends to coroode and cause problems like this a salty ski? if it is im betting thats what it is...

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    Thanks. no its fresh water and i get power to my gauges and when i run the diagnostic it beeps once short and one long which i thought means ready to start i bought a new starter pretty sure thats what it is i just dont know the best way to get the old one out and the new one in

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    Make sure the starter isn't grounding itself out! Had that happen and ended up literally melting down the battery! Lol. Make sure the little black wire from the box is grounded out good as well!

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