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    Spark Plugs vx 110

    Hey guys I'm new to the jetski world and I picked up a 2005 vx 110. I know I may sound like the noobie, but I want to assure everything I do is done right. I need to change the spark plugs, is there a step by step guide for this somewhere? If not could you guys give me some pointers. Thanks!

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    You will need to remove the iognition coils, held on the cylinder head cover with a 10mm bolt. after you remove the bolt, pull the ignition stick coil out and then the spark plug. do this to all 4 spark plugs. The plugs are NGK-CR9EB. You will need a spark plug removal tool, one comes in the OEM Tool Kit if you don't have one they are very easily got,the correct torque is around 9 ft./lbs tighten the ignition coil bolts to 5.5 ft/lbs. Hope that helps ..........

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    also don't forget to put anti-seize on the sparkplug threads . Tommy Jordan

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    This is for the FX, but your VX is near identical. Antisieze is a must with these 10mm plugs.

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