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    Genesis Starter alternatives?

    I have a 1999 Genesis (carbed) that apparently has a bad starter. When I jumped the solenoid, I only got sparks and the starter would not turn. Just a click and buzz sound, coming from the solenoid. Voltage is 12+ volts. I suspected the starter was frozen, so it has been removed, but noticed it does not turn freely. Are there starters sold for Kawasaki, Honda or other OEM, that fit this Polaris ski? I was hoping to have a functioning ski for the long weekend. I'm in CT. Thanks in advance.

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    The same starter motor is used in a lot of different PWC from several brands.

    The same starter motor is used on all Polaris red domestic engine models.

    Have a look at one of the third party replacement starter motor web sites. See which 'order code' starter motor they specify for your Genesis, then see what other makes/models that same starter motor fits.

    Btw, if your Genesis still has the original black solenoid with metal backing plate, now would be a good time to replace it. The original solenoids are known to rust internally and fail without warning.

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