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    how accurate is the speedview app for droids? 73 mph? stock 1300?

    Sounds like a dumb question but how accurate is this app for in the water for speed? Today i went out riding (for the first time in a while) and logged (according to my speedview) 50 miles. I ran areas that had good satelites and plenty of cell service. Ran the river and some real flat smooth creeks. Used the superman position on some long flat sraight stretches.

    Anyway my 06 1300r is BONE stock with 36 hours on it.I filled the oil and gas before leaving today. Now my speedo ( i know not to trust it hense why i used this app) never went above 69 mph. I left the phone in a tuperwere container in my storage. I figures 60 mabye 65 mph when i got back in. When i saw 73 i was very suprised and not sure i belive it from what ive read here. fill me in guys.

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    It is possible for the GPS on the device to give a false reading if the "accuracy" is not good and the software allows it to "jump" radically. I can't really speak for the Android platform, but on the iPhone when it is "sleeping" it will revert to getting coordinates from cell towers every once an awhile, which will put the coordinates incorrectly as they will be the ones where that tower is located. Your best bet is to do several readings. Take one, reset, take another, reset, etc.

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    when my gps is enabled on my droid it never sleeps just kills the battery FAST

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    Might be a dumb question, but anyone know what the sampling rate is?
    I JUST started looking into Android development and have no idea myself.

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    I use Ulysse speedometer on my droid. Compaired it to my gps in the truck and its so close i couldnt tell the difference.. its a free app in the marketplace.

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    i use my droid for speed runs sometimes, i use the speedo app. i dont leave it running though i imagine if i go under a bridge or something it might freak out and mess up. i usually start it, go run, then check it and reset, ect.

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