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    2003 seadoo gtx 4-tec overheating

    So i put my ski in the water 2 days ago and in 30 seconds the overheating alarm came on and the exhaust inside was screaming hot .. so i brought in and 3 hrs later i pulled the whole pump assembly apart and noticed that the pump assembly/housing was cracked right down the side. and another thing i noticed is that the wear ring was all chewed up along the sides..i could see bits of plastic pieces on the wall of the ring .. i am wondering if that is why the ski is overheating .. can anyone help ...... .. Also the ski will not overheat while i am performing a minute flush with garden house.. as i did when i pulled the ski out of the water.. the first thing i did was flush the ski and it did not over heat then but only in the water and within seconds ... HELP

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    Part of the pumps job is to provide water to cool the exhaust. Sounds like maybe the crack is effecting the water flow to the exhaust.

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    Is the pump housing plastic or aluminum? If it is plastic it needs to be replaced anyway. Plastic will flex under the immense pressure and cause cavitation over time.

    There is a small tube which is on top of the pump housing. Between this tube and the pump housing is a filter. The filter may be clogged. This will cause overheating if this filter is clogged.

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    I just had a similar overheating problem on a boat. The pump isnt cracked but just makes sure there aren't any clogs in the system.

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