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    RXP 215 hitting rev limiter

    Hi guys, I'm a new member of greenhulk. loving the site, so much helpfull info! i can't seem to find what I'm looking for, it seems the props are

    Can you help I have a 2006 RXP 215bhp which is hitting the rev limiter 8300rpm at about 70 mph side by side with my mates stock rxp. From the info on the sight I suspect prop pitch or wear ring

    Here's the mods it has (fitted by last owner) :- riva 3" air filter, riva free flow exhaust, riva grate, riva s3 charger blade, riva blow off valve, riva opas block off (hull extension kit), I have invoices a solas prop but not stating pitch,

    I've looked at the prop (still installed in the ski) and it looks to be a chrome 4 blade prop (solas??) with no visible damage as far as I can see. The wear ring seems to have a slight step where the impeller lines up with it, there is a slight gap between aproximatly 0.2mm. The cone seems to have slight damage to the tip!

    If I remove the prop can I work out the pitch?
    With the engine mods listed will a 15/20r work ok? (intending to upgrade to x charger later on)

    Sorry for the long text just trying to get a much info as poss to save time.


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    Yes you can use a 15/20R with your mods. I ran the S3 charger for a year and used that prop. If you are reving at 8300 rpm I would suggest adding 1.5 to 2 mm pitch. Each mm should drop your rpm by about 100. Remember you ideally want to rev at 8150.

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    Hi Jim thanks for you input, is there any way of checking the prop pitch? I will be removing it shortly to change the wear ring and i'm now tempted to fit the 15/20r it would be nice to know what the prop fitted really is, if it is the 15/20?
    Would I be wright in thinking with a standard 15/20r with my mods the revs would be slightly lower rather than higher? what did yours run at?

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