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    WTB/FS- Looking out for parts too open to trade

    Hi guys,

    FOR SALE: 05 stock red SC for sale, about 70hrs on it, no touchdown or damage, it is bone stock and was removed from one of my customer 2005 RXP as he wanted an S3 Sc installed as a swap. 300$ it still has the stock ceramic washers on it, never disassembled.

    FOR SALE: 08 stock black SC for sale, bone stock, 65 hrs on it, it will be removed from my 2008 RXP and offered for sale. 450$ It is perfect for someone that needs a rebuilt and needs a newer SC with stock metal washers, and 08 components, never dissassembled.

    WANT TO BUY: Complete good condition S3 charger, or X-Charger, with quality metal clutch washers inside, or....more powerful one if you got more, like mini rude, rude, or else considered, i want something that produce 11-14 PSI of boost and will stick to the stock rev limiter of 8100, so anything over the S3 or X will also be consider if price is decent....let me know.

    WANT TO BUY: 42 to 50 pounds injector set (3)

    WANT TO BUY: 15-20 Solas prop in good condition, to fit into a stock rxp 215 pump, when the machine will have the S3+ charger and injectors.

    Let me know if you got any onteresting offer, AND are willing to ship to Quebec, Canada.


    I am also open for partial trade on my parts if needed.

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    I got some 42#.. 125 for three.

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