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    I know they smoke - but MAN this thing SMOKES

    Just bought a waverunner (97 GP760).
    Seems to run great - snappy throttle - but does it SMOKE.
    Stained my grass black.
    And there is a bunch of oily carbon at the exhaust.

    What do I have for options?
    Can I tune on the oil injection?
    From what Im reading - you are all going to tell me to self mix. Do I need a kit for that?

    How about the best place to get a manual for this bad boy.....?


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    OK - a bit more......pulled the plugs.....soaked in oil.

    Looked over the oil injection, obviously not adjustable.......

    Could timing or weak spark not be burning all the mixture?
    Im new to 2 cycles....

    Is all oil created equal? Do some smoke less than others?
    Currently using Yamalube 2W

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    If the previous owner fogged the engine since its last use the issues you speak of will present themselves.

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    Quote Originally Posted by christian79 View Post
    If the previous owner fogged the engine since its last use the issues you speak of will present themselves.
    great point!
    I know I cleared the entire park of mosquitos when I first fired mine up from it`s winter nap...

    IMHO yamalube 2W does not smoke a lot. There are other oils avalable that burn cleaner and smoke even less...
    search few oil related threads and you`ll see a lot of good info regarding brands and uses...

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    My Dad swears by Maxima Super M, his smokes a bit but he runs it at 32:1 b/c of his mods...My mom's ski (2002 XLT 1200) is only mildly modified, and we run it at 45:1....and virtually no smoke at all...the downside it is a bit pricey.

    I run Quicksilver Premium Plus in mine at 40:1, just to be safe I guess. It does smoke a bit but not too badly....

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    Thanks guys - Im going to take it out for the first time within the week.....Ill flog it and see if it doesnt burn out some excess!

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    If it doesn't get better i'd check your oil pump a little more closely. They're designed to fail safe, so for example if the oil injection cable snapped, it'll hold the pump wide open so the engine isn't starved for oil. Obviously the downside is that at idle it gets way more oil than it needs. Pre mix is basically idiot proof insurance so you might want to consider it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wwest View Post
    Thanks guys - Im going to take it out for the first time within the week.....Ill flog it and see if it doesnt burn out some excess!
    Yeah you have to get that thing out on the water and get it nice and warmed up. Running it in the driveway and in the water are 2 very different things.
    PM sent for service manual

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    the 760 as you have found is not adjustable as the 1200 is ..

    There are different fomulas of oil that will run cleaner and because of new tech, will run at higher mix ratios than were one used ,with out detriment to your motor.. you may smoke more now than in the past with old tech oils..

    that said..look at some of these issues That may also cause this to happen

    is your fuel is old ?(change it dont risk a seizure)

    with ethinol not being as efficient as pure gas, you can smoke more...(get some pure stuff if you can)

    If you are running high octain fuels, you can also show more smoke as the flame path is slower and not as hot,thus not burning properly and dumping additional black deposites ( run what your ski requires ,with the mods added...)

    the prior owner may have run oils that didnt burn off well and your exhaust system may be loaded thus causing more smoke issues.. (run it for a while with good stuff , see what it does..)

    your ski may be running hot.. check to see that you have sufficent cooling and that the pisser is working properly the hand test on pissers temp (120/140...180's/above too hot unless your really floging it!!)

    I'd touch test or lazer read the block while running ( you should be able to rest your hand on its various places with out burning yourself)

    pre mix is the way to go if oil and smoking are an issue, as your able to regulate and verify what is running thru..

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