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    Value of this ski trailer combo? 04 GP1300r-

    2004 Yamaha 1300 GPR waverunner with 2000 Calkins double trailer.
    Ski has ~170hrs
    Riva ride plate
    Heads sent to Riva and milled to 155 psi
    Tiny tack
    Riva racing EFI
    D-Plate in exhaust (replaces c.a.t.)
    Riva free flow exhaust
    pump seal kit
    Solas prop 14/20 cut down to 12/19

    When I spoke to the owner (it was his son's ski), he said they never had any issues and the son was very paticular to how it ran, compared to his friends ski.

    I am going to look at it tomorrow and I plan on doing a compression check, I am guessing that it should be around 155psi, no?

    The asking price for the ski and trailer is $5100. To me, that seems high but I dont really know what the market value for these are currently.

    Any help is greatly appreciated!

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    to high for a ski with 170 hours...
    12\19? a bit small for 155 heads.
    anything can happen after 170. water test the ski if you can.

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